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100 free dating site without payment

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  1. Tok2 years ago

    Top 5 movie!

  2. Gardataur
    Gardataur2 years ago

    Sincere is not describing themselves as Christian while simultaneously acknowledging that they don't really believe in a literal resurrection, nor in the original sin that necessitated Jesus blood sacrifice. Nor in miracles, or anything else much that is a claim to the supernatural. Nevertheless, they are Culturally Christian; sometimes they behave as if they believe to varying degrees, depending on circumstances). I'm not for a moment suggesting that sincerely believing Christians are uncommon. Merely that they are absent among the company I keep. Birds of a feather, flock together.

  3. Tolkis
    Tolkis2 years ago

    Hi Darling.you are Amazing! Cum see me some time if you ever get to Santa Barbara! : )

  4. Duran2 years ago

    Such love.Just like Behind the Army base. Pathetic Milky masculines. the Milky Ninja who wishes he were an Asian masculine. And the Asian mans Leftover. who wishes she were a Milky female. Affirmative Actuion for Milky boys who cant get laid.WMAF.

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